Seems nobody has yet responded to your invitation. I was waiting for someone else to post first–someone a bit more sophisticated, someone who doesn’t have to google every other reference. But since they are all apparently shy, I will speak up.

Your two Substacks, along with your husband’s Applied Mythology, have been great sources of inspiration to me over the past year or two. Your concept of the hyperbaroque has helped me make some sense of the strange cultural shifts we’re living through. I’m sorry to hear of your health scare, and I hope it resolves more on the side of “health” than “scare”.

Perhaps it’s all the talk of theatre in these essays, but I find myself hankering to experience your aesthetic ideas in physical space.

I am a Bay Area designer, a recent refugee from an imploded startup with a bit of time on my hands and some modest resources. I believe you are at least part-time residents of San Francisco. I would be happy to contribute in any way I could to a collaborative live project: salon, fashion show, cabaret, masque, spook-house, ARG, exhibition, be-in or whatever your baroque mind conceives. By all rights, you should be the focal point of a scene. Or perhaps you already are?

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