Thank you, Ilija! Readers don’t get more faithful or observant.

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I know I'm being presumptuous but you know that's a rubbing to my Aladdin lamp...

The first line of H2 reads: "When there is hoarfrost underfoot, Solid ice is not far off."

Speaking of mundane things, nothing more mundane than a novel about hunting monsters (my current listening in Audiobooks while I'm driving or at the gym). The author, Larry Correia and some of his characters, sits at the antipodes of my political views, but I enjoy the action of his novels. Go figure. The thing is, that in one of novels, there is a paragraph that was seared in my brain because it pertains to H2,1. Or at least is where my aleatory mind stored it. It pertains to time and how can time be visualized:

"...[t]ime is like a tube filled with water. As time goes by, the water freezes. The past is frozen solid, unchangeable, but the future is fluid until it happens. We live at the surface of the ice, the present. The water goes on forever."

In the novel, the protagonist, by some feat of magic, was able to "melt" some of that hoarfrost (about five minutes worth of it...) and redo a few things thus changing a future that had come to pass.

Hoarfrost, before it becomes glacial, is where the action is...

I knew that quote would come handy someday.

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I LOVE the opening somewhere betwing The Return and Baroque Barrens mouthfeel of cartilage in film b&w

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